NEWS You can now use your Android device as a physical security key via Bluetooth

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  • You can now use your Android device as a physical security key via Bluetooth
  • 您现在可以通过蓝牙将Android设备用作物理安全密钥
By Jay Bonggolto @@JayBonggolto · Apr 10, 2019 14:38

Already, Google provides several ways to help you log in to your accounts securely, including two-factor authentication on Android devices, its Titan Security Key dongle, and Google Prompt. The search giant admits, however, that attackers can still use advanced steps like fake login pages to bypass those security methods.

As part of an effort to further beef up your account's security, Google has introduced a new way to let you turn your Android device into a physical security key. That means you don't have to purchase a separate dongle, you only need a phone running Android 7.0 Nougat and later.

To start using this new security feature, sign in to your Google account on your Android phone (if you haven't already). Then open Chrome on your Bluetooth-supported Chrome OS, macOS, or Windows 10 PC and head over to the two-step verification settings where you'll be asked to click the "Add security key" option. See to it that Bluetooth is turned on for both your phone and PC before selecting your Android device from the list of available devices.

It's worth noting that the method works like Google Prompt, which relies on an internet-based connection between an Android phone and a Google service. The main difference with the new security feature is that it uses a Bluetooth connection to facilitate a secure login, which means your phone needs to be in proximity to your PC.

For now, the feature is in beta phase and it's available only to Android users who use Chrome. There's no word, though, on whether Google will bring support for web browsers other than Chrome.

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