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tarey s

Current version
Build : 2.5.7
Date : Aug 31, 2016
Current version

- Fixed error of deleting TfcxSliceGrid and TfcxCubeGrid
+ Added property TfcxMeasureField.ChangeNullToZero: boolean
+ Added property TfcxSlice.OnInterpreterCreated: TfcxInterpreterCreated
+ Added property TfcxpSliceGridReport.Orientation: TPrinterOrientation
+ Added functions TfcxMeasuresContainer.ChangeCalcMeasureScript
- Fixed error in ODS export
- Fixed error with TfcxScriptStringList in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
+ Added support RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
- Fixed error with Calculated Field
- Fixed error in TreeLike axis
- Fixed error with DisplayAs = da_ColRank
- Fixed error with VarSQLTimeStamp
- Fixed error of loading old version cube
- Added few missing resource strings
- Fixed error of using Percentile
- Fixed error groups expanding in
+ Apply percent format to "display as percent" cells while export to XLS
+ Added support of ShortInt fields
- Fixed error in recompile.exe
- Convert color to RGB before using it for bar chart highlight
- Fixed design of Measure editor for Lazarus

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